Professor in

  Theoretical & Applied Aesthetics

  Dept. of Industrial Design     

  Konstfack, University College of  

  Arts, Crafts and Design /  

  Stockholm Sweden

Early project Research Project leader:  NanoFormGiving      

  through haptic aesthetic laborations

                                  Funded by: Swedish

                                  Research Council


My interests pivot around how our everyday aesthetic experiences in the real world drive creative processes.

Currently I am project/ artistic leader of a multi- disciplinary project HAPTICA  in collaboration with teachers and researchers from Campus Grythyttan School of Hospitality, Culinary arts and Meal Science at Örebro University, Sweden.  The HAPTICA project is about  developing a scientific path within the field of aesthetics that will emphasizes haptic aspects of movement, touch, taste and smell in relation to a creative gestalt process.      

I am also involved in a long term collaborative research strategy for developing practice based knowledge concerning the  aesthetic gestalt process and craftsmanship. 

  At Konstfack I teach, lecture and supervise project in both the bachelors and masters courses for industrial designers.  My subjects range from theoretical and practical studies of a taxonomy of form & space, gestalt processes, formgiving  procedures and exploratory design projects in innovative aesthetic reasoning. I collaborate with researchers, industry and designers in projects that involve   


Positioning my work in the field of  theoretical & applied aesthetics

             The orange shaped surface in the figure above  covers  the area I work in.

Art /Crafts /Design                                                                              Philosophy


Fine art

Institutions, galleries, museums

Analytical aesthetics

separate theory from practice

Applied aesthetics

unify theory and practice

Individual, social, technical & cultural context

Everyday experience